PREMIERE: ‘Such a Bore’ by Supersoakerr, the ultimate Aussie garage riff

Four-piece Aussie grunge group, Supersoakerr, drench us in their latest single, Such a Bore, dripping with vibrant guitar riffs and visuals.

Supersoakerr, the mysterious underground indie group, has woken us up from our mindless lockdown slumber with their debut track, Such a Bore

The group rattle the speakers and quake the earth with their grumbling rock sound – dripping with angst and vibrancy.

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The accompanying visuals speed along the same dirt road that the guitar riffs meticulously shred through.

Naarm-based visual artist, Moon Gutter, wraps the tune around a glistening animation of a car racing through desert terrain, sizzling through the sunset until the headlights switch on and the track becomes illuminated in the night.

Nothing is boring about Supersoakerr. Hailing from various bands across the Sydney/Newcastle/Wollongong region, the group keeps a pretty tight lock on their identities.

With their aim to keep a low profile and focus solely on the sound, it is only fair that we see Supersoakerr as the Aussie heroes of garage rock.


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Such a Bore is effortless in its tune and yet masterfully layered in its sharpness and precision.

The drum slams and guitar thrashes thread together like a tightly woven trampoline, with the vocals bouncing and doing triple backflips in the air.

Whilst the chorus ironically echoes “such a bore,” the mind dives into the colour-bursting palette of Supersoakerr’s world, the whimsical purple of the number 15 car, racing along the vibrant orange road.

The track ends as quickly as the night falls – leaving you thirsty for more.

The group have been busy hustling behind their garage doors, cooking up a full length, self-titled album set for release on 15 October.

Until the roller door lifts, we can put on a raincoat and hop on the Supersoakerr train, listening to the soaking tune Such a Bore on repeat.

Check out the track below: