PREMIERE: Take a ride with The Hard Aches in Knots

Adelaide duo The Hard Aches are riding high off the success of debut album Pheromones and today are premiering the music video for their latest single Knots. After making a quick petrol stop, you’re suddenly part of the journey, joining the pair as they drive through typical suburban streets of Australia. With a guitar in hand and a case of beer in tow, you’d better get ready because The Hard Aches are about to take you for a ride.

The Hard Aches Knots premiere

One of the most exciting punk bands kicking around, we get a closer look at life of The Hard Aches in Knots. Time for a punk rock joyride!

The song starts by building momentum with a few steady beats and a clean melody. Knots is earnest and passionate, what we can usually expect from the cathartic ways of The Hard Aches. It delves into the idea that these swirling, intertwined, often confusing thoughts in our heads are destructive but it’s possible to untie them, day by day. As Ben David sings “But if all it takes is a little bit of time to locate all the knots in my mind, then I might take just a little bit of time and make all the wrongs that I’ve done, right,” it’s clear this is a journey.

The video focuses heavily on the people within the car rather than the locations they’re passing, shining a spotlight on both band members Ben David and Alex Upton along with various fleeting friends. It’s understated and light-hearted, much like the band itself, featuring short clips of the backseat bandits drinking, smoking, eating, and a few shots of the guys rocking out.

One of the most engaging parts of this clip is the way each frame rarely lasts more than three seconds. It’s near impossible to pick up on each little nuance in just one viewing, instead begging to be played again. Sandwiches, slushies, a group cheers, a sneaky peck on the lips and so much more are all coherently fit into this two and a half minute insight into the lives of David and Upton.

The end of the video sees us dropping off The Hard Aches to their destination whilst we drive off into the moonlight and wonder if we’ll ever be cool enough to join their late night gatherings. The clip is by no means the flashiest or most materialistic but it doesn’t need to be, and it works. DIY aesthetics and average scenarios simply reinforce the down to earth nature of The Hard Aches and compliment their raw, relatable sound.

The Hard Aches have been kicking goals since their first EP Organs and Airports in 2013, and this film clip is a testament to their success. It solidifies their place in Australia’s punk scene and nicely accompanies the already very well received Pheromones. If you’re not familiar with this two-piece, you will be now.