PREMIERE: Telescreen strike indie gold on new EP Growing Pains

Melbourne indie-pop quintet, Telescreen, are dropping their highly anticipated debut EP Growing Pains this week. But we’ve got a cheeky preview for you today.

The six-track release follows the band’s two 2019 singles, In Mind and title track Growing Pains, each glistening tune a surefire way to evoke the senses.

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Telescreen boast sincerity and genuine artistry on Growing Pains, which sees them unveil their most vulnerable work to date.

The EP’s new tracks allow Telescreen to explore a plethora of sonic and thematic worlds, venturing through ideas of anxiety, personal growth and love. These topics are brought to life through a carefully created and unique sound reminiscent of indie favourites such as The Strokes, The Jungle Giants and Methyl Ethel.

Speaking about the new EP, frontman Nic Schwarz revealed:

“The Growing Pains EP is about developing a sense of self. It deals with self-understanding and realising your self-worth leading up to the natural end point of self-acceptance; learning that there are some things about yourself that you can’t change, and those things are what make you who you are. The EP elaborates on those issues and battles you have along that journey of becoming who you want to be.”

“Simultaneously, the EP title is a bit of a reference to my own personal journey of becoming a songwriter and all the doubts I’ve had along the way since I started writing a few years ago.”

“It’s no coincidence that a whole part of my own ego has become tied to the songs I write and how they turn out, so I think it’s fitting that the EP is just as much about my own battles as it is about telling a story. It’s a little notice to myself that how other people view my work shouldn’t dictate how I feel about it myself.”

In order to bring this shimmering indie EP to life, Telescreen joined forces with Dean Tuza, who has worked with the likes of Stella Donnelly and A. Swayze and the Ghosts. The EP was then mixed by ARIA-nominated Tony Espie and mastered by David Walker of Stepford Audio Mastering. The results speak for themselves; six truly stunning indie tracks which will pull you in, get you moving, and get you thinking all at once.

Growing Pains will be released on Thursday 26th September. Be sure to take it for a spin and catch these guys live on any of the dates below.

Tour Dates

Thursday, 26th September – The Old Bar, Melbourne
Saturday, 19th October – The Espy, Melbourne
Saturday, 9th November – Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne