PREMIERE: The Dollar Bill Murrays unveil glistening lo-fi treasure ‘My Love Is Golden’

You may not have heard The Dollar Bill Murrays, but their ethereal new track is sure to have you lapping up everything they have on offer. 

Born from moments of struggle in isolation, My Love Is Golden carries a unique lo-fi aesthetic, with an accompanying video that brings its poetic lyrics to life. 

The Dollar Bill Murrays

The Dollar Bill Murrays have delivered My Love Is Golden, one of the most stunning Australian tracks to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

My Love Is Golden was recorded in the weary haze of a psychotic episode brought on during COVID-19 isolation. Recorded through the microphone of a Macbook, the song’s lyrics detail a long and exhausting journey which starts in an erratically panicked mental state. However this soon transgresses to a newfound acceptance of self, as well as an embrace of love from those that surround you.

Ultimately, the lyrics remind us that even in times of unescapable loneliness and struggle, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Love has the power to get you through anything, which we have seen happen all over the world. 

The Dollar Bill Murrays teamed up with Robert Torres, a videographer based in LA, who created a spellbinding clip shot on Super 8 film. The result is visually stunning, documenting a love story through the eyes of one beholder. The clip flows with a nostalgic and lo-fi aesthetic that matches the track, reminding you of the times spent out in the open exploring before isolation forced us in.

Discussing his creative vision for the clip, Torres stated:

“This film is about showing the authentic connection between a relationship of two people who are in love. What I wanted to focus on while editing this video was to capture these real moments, which helped bring the song visually to life.”

Listening to previous releases from the band reveal that this track is quite unlike anything they’ve created, demonstrating the way that times of darkness work to push you out of your comfort zone. While My Love Is Golden has a psychedelic vibe reminiscent of early Tame Impala, other tracks carry a distinct rock and roll flair the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age or Royal Blood, while others have a laid-back indie feel comparable to Lime Cordiale.

Their new release declares that The Dollar Bill Murrays are a band with immense talent, with plenty of room to grow yet. 


My Love Is Golden is out now.