Skegss are back in business with breezy new single ‘Under The Thunder’

Beloved Aussie trio Skegss have never taken themselves too seriously, but their new single proves that they’re one of the country’s mightiest bands. 

Skegss have released new single Under The Thunder alongside a music video that sees the boys head out on a day trip fuelled by only the best: Coopers Pale Ale and psychedelics. 

skegss under the thunder
Photo: David Herington

Under The Thunder oozes the signature Skegss sound paired with a tinge of ’70s nostalgia. It’ll have you itching to get back to a gig – or go tripping in a field. 

Through their lyrics Skegss have always embraced the ups-and-downs of life, encouraging us to take on whatever is thrown at us with easy-breezy acceptance and nonchalance. It’s a trait their fans have always loved them for, and Under The Thunder has it in spades. 

Reflecting on the track, frontman Benny Reed stated:

“This song is about enjoying the rollercoaster of life, no one can live forever so you may as well enjoy the seasons and becoming, there’s not always going to be a solution to some situations that you’re in so you have to take the good with the bad and ride it out and just enjoy a beer when you can and not think about any of the bad things in your life, nature will always have its way at the end of the day.” 

The accompanying film clip was directed by Kai Neville, marking the second time he has worked with the band. The video sees the trio head out on a day trip to forget their isolation woes in band member Toby’s trademark yellow Commodore.

The clip was shot entirely on 16mm film using mainly wide-angle lenses, achieving that old school skate aesthetic Skegss are known for. Paired with a dose of half-speed shots and plenty of geometric warps and bulges, you’ll feel like you’re along for the ride and the high in no time. 

Skegss have been largely quiet on the new music front since their debut album My Own Mess back in 2018, a record which shot them into the barrel with Australia’s finest surf rock compatriots and onto the country’s biggest stages. Under The Thunder hits in all the ways their now massive fanbase will froth over; it’s sweet and grungy in equal parts – a bit like Benny’s hair I reckon.


Under The Thunder is out now via Loma Vista Recordings.