A parcel of the world’s stinkiest fruit caused a German post office to evacuate

The world’s stinkiest fruit (AKA a durian) strikes again. This time in a German post office where the fruit managed to impair twelve postal workers who were treated for nausea at the scene, with six taken to hospital. Around sixty employees were forced to evacuate in total.

To give you a better idea, the fruit has been compared to the smell of rotten onion or an exposed sewer. Say no more, this underdog of the fruit world managed to get the attention of emergency personnel.

durian, german

This fruit succeeded in clearing sixty people from the postal building with German police, firefighters, and emergency services attending the scene.

Quite the accomplishment for one medium-sized fruit I would say. But to be fair, the fruit was disguised in a postal package item and was thought to be a dangerous gas substance, therefore somewhat warranting the emergency response.

False alarm guys, it was just a durian. According to CNN, a nominated spokesperson from Schweinfurt police department released a short statement defending the dramatic reaction:

“Due to the unknown content, it was initially unclear whether the suspect package posed a greater risk.”

And who was the lucky recipient of this odorous fruit? None other than a 50-year-old resident of Nuremberg (Germany’s second-largest city) who is now said to be happily in possession of the Thai fruit after it caused such a massive interruption to the local postal service. Talk about an acquired taste.