PREMIERE: The debut EP from Echo Lima is big, loud and as dark as could be

Echo Lima is a solo project local to the south coast. Their first EP Twist and Bends is here, and the yearning the dark rock sounds found within prove that you don’t need too many people to make a good record.

The six track record traverses insecurity, exploration of self and adventure, and a proclivity for taking risks. It’s his debut and we couldn’t have asked for more from a first taste of his music.

With a huge list of collaborations alongside Echo Lima to bring the record to fruition, Twists and Bends has a formidable sound and a direct sonic gaze.

Elwyn has no misconceptions as to his vocal style, and the EP speaks volumes to the artist’s confidence and commitment to integrity. Highlights for me include Sidelines and Beyond Repair.

Sidelines is pulsating and simple in its arrangement, but with gripping lyricism and a building fury. The track is personal but emotional enough that its catharsis is relatable. Beyond Repair ramps up the tempo and brings a bigger punk guitar sound.

Title track Twists and Bends is moody and has a lilting affliction to the vocals, a great point of difference for the EP. Having worked with multiple musicians in the making of the record, including Jay Ellem (The Dark Clouds) on bass guitar and Justin McKinnion (Alotta Presha) on electric guitar, there’s plenty of variation in the musicality of the EP despite its clear-cut rhythm.

Wollongong has delivered the goods when it comes to great music, and Echo Lima is the cherry on the top of a long list of hard hitting and impressive bands flooding from the NSW South Coast.

If you’re into big smooth vocals, crashing instrumentation and a raw energetic soundscape then Echo Lima is for you and Twists and Bends is the perfect introduction.