The Money War delve into lush pop and lo-fi video on Give It Time

PREMIERE: The Money War document the beauty of nature, sunsets and silhouettes in their new video for Give It Time

The Money War came together when Dylan Ollivierre (Rainy Day Woman) and Carmer Pepper (Warning Birds) drove across the US in late 2015, writing and recording stacks of iPhone demos; inspired heavily by the beautiful, stark, and not so stunning scenes on the road, the former of which is documented in the music video for their new single, Give It Time.

Hanging out in studios in LA and San Fran producers, Thom Monahan (Fruit bats, Little Joy) and Arne Frager (Prince, Paul McCartney) convinced them of the brilliance and potential their songs held and the result of the foursome teaming up speaks for itself.

The Money War

The Money War document the beauty of nature, sunsets and silhouettes in the enchanting music video for new single, Give It Time.

Taken from their forthcoming self titled debu, Give It Time features Carmen’s ethereal vox against a hook powerful wall of sounds written and produced by Dylan.  

“The song is about realising that it’s okay to float by sometimes,” explains Dylan, and that’s almost exactly what the accompanying film clip depicts.

Beginning with a train ride, we’re shown a sunny day at a beach out of the carriage window, whilst Carmen’s face in the background suddenly turns into a sunset where an amalgamation of deep and bright colours appear before she appears again, only this time spinning a flower in her hand.

The silhouette of Carmen in a long dress with birds flying by, Dylan driving along in a car, the two of them walking in tunnels, him with his guitar – the transitions are seamless. It’s a stunning show of nature and human experience as the lyricism flawlessly sinks into the images on screen.

The flowy movements of the video come to an end with Carmen looking straight into the lens, hair slightly blowing and vibrancy swirling around her as “it’ll be fine” plays out. A stark scene, that could quite literally take your breath away.

A track and video for lovers of lo-fi aesthetic, dreamy psych-tinged pop, and anyone who appreciates a few minutes of luscious imagery to lay the eyes upon. Take a moment from your hectic life and give it some time. You’ll be better off for it.