Ex Go-Betweens bassist John Willsteed wants your old Brissy gig posters!

Brisbane based Aussie music veteran John Willsteed best known for his stint with The Go-Betweens in the late ’80s, and as a member of Halfway, is hoping to get his hands on some vintage memorabilia to celebrate the hey-day of the city’s unique live scene.

John Willsteed

Are you a live music freak with a collection of retro Brisbane tour posters? John Willsteed needs your help!

Willsteed pitched for and was successfully granted the recent Letty Katts Award at this year’s Queensland Memory Awards for his project, “Street Life: Posters and their role in the Brisbane music scene 1975-1995”.

According to a post on Willsteed’s Facebook page, the project’s core pursuits are:

“To add detail to the posters in the collection. To expand the collection. To do/write something about the posters at the end (March 2017).”

Music fans, collectors and anyone else who might have access to such works are being asked to delve into and give up of some vintage pieces of memorabilia to ensure that Willsteed’s collection and examination of the heady late 20th century is as comprehensive as possible.

“I’m hoping to make this a really definitive collection from a diverse range of people,” Willsteed wrote.

“You can donate your posters to the library for the warm inner glow. You can have your posters valued and claim the donation as a tax deduction. Or if you have significant collections, the Library or other sponsors may be interested in purchasing them.”

Willsteed will also be donating his own collection of posters to the project.

Those who are interested in donating their posters can contact Willsteed via email or send the poster to:

Neil Roberts Research Lounge
Queensland Memory
C/- John Willsteed
State Library of Queensland
PO Box 3488
South Brisbane Qld 4101

Check out the full post below: