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PREMIERE: The Rucksaks aren’t giving up the good life with Nothing But Regret

the rucksaks nothing but regrets

Like so many battler Aussie bands out there, The Rucksaks cut their teeth in a scummy South Sydney garage. Since then they’ve got a couple of singles to their name, they’ve knocked out a couple of shows, and found themselves a handful of fans to boot.

Nothing But Regret is their latest, a jangly indie pop jam that had me melting after the first listen. Get a load of it for yourself below.

the rucksaks nothing but regrets

The Rucksaks sing for the endless summer on Nothing But Regret, an upbeat tribute to youth – and how we all wish it could last forever.

Despite the title, Nothing But Regret is a love letter to long nights, lost mornings, low account balances, and the rest of the things that come with the good life.

A touring band in their infancy, you can bet The Rucksaks have done it all themselves. And they wouldn’t change it for the world.

The song layers jangly guitars with a delicious Australiana tinge under vocalist Rhys Goodwin’s singalong verses. Those interjections right after each chorus get me gooooood.

As the song builds to a climax, The Rucksaks find more vocal layers, cramming in as many good vibes as humanly possible before cutting off. As soon as the song fades, you’ll wish it was back (yeah – I listened three times in a row).

Give it a spin for yourself above.


On the live front, Sydneysiders have two chances to catch The Rucksaks in the near future. Grab the details below:

Fri 8 June – Fat Boy Run Festival – The Factory Theatre, Marrickville – Details
Fri 22 June – Front Yard Noise – The Park House, Mona Vale – Details


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June 1, 2018