PREMIERE: Lose yourself in the sprawling electronica of The Sei’s new single Metroma

Having previously released music under the name Ocho, Irish/Swedish duo The Sei have spent the past number of years crafting an incredibly unique brand electronica.

The two-piece have spent the past two years meticulously working on material for their debut offering… and now, with the release of their track Metroma, we can confirm that it was well worth the wait.

Like an encounter with a loved one in a dream, The Sei’s new single Metroma will float past you, leaving a strange feeling in the bottom of your stomach.

Made up of Stace Gill and Maria Nilsson Waller, The Sei glide through a haunting blend of sprawling ambience and ethereal electronica that will leave you with a wonderful feeling of weightlessness. Metroma is a song that never really begins and never really ends – it floats past you, leaving a strange feeling in the bottom of your stomach.

The first song from my dreams, and it began in Paris in 2016. There is only one kind of love, you choose love every moment or you don’t. Paris has been the home of so many dreamers, it would be easy to brush this off as a cliched romantic story, and it would be a shame,” the band say of the new song.

Metroma is far more than romantic, it’s a true story of how we’re resisting the truth of who we are and how love is alive, working to spin us all together again, it is a choice we have every moment. This whole world is our dream, Metroma is obsessively and endlessly dreaming of love, imagine if we all joined in?”

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above, and catch The Sei live at any of the following dates:

Sep 27th Dublin – An intimate show at D-Light Studios to celebrate Metroma’s launch
Oct 7th Dublin – The Academy Dublin (with Talos)
Oct 25th Sweden – Riksteatern, Stockholm (with Flora Fauna)
Nov 1st Sweden – Jamtli Excercishall, Östersund (with Flora Fauna)