PREMIERE: The Soorleys Destination is true love

The days are getting darker and the nights are getting colder. Hell, even hail is blanketing our streets with icy frost. Not exactly the perfect setting for romantic gestures and pursuing that idealised notion of true love. Yet, that bitter cold biting at each of us is breezily brushed off when tuning in to the joyful melodies of Destination, the brand new single from Newcastle six piece The Soorleys.

The Soorleys premi

Prepare to stomp your feet to the unabashedly jolly Destination, the infectious new single from The Soorleys.

The Soorleys is a band made up of family, and to describe their music as something other than exponentially happy would be a sin. It is damn near impossible to resist tapping your feet to their music which brims with positivity and a childlike optimism. You remember that feeling right? When you were kid it seemed that no matter how dull things seemed to be at times something new and wonderful was right around the corner. That’s the feeling of The Soorley’s in a nutshell, and their new track Destination is no exception to the fact.

Lots of artists say writing happy music can be a bit of a task, which makes sense given how hackneyed and cheesy you can feel expressing that sort of thing in person. Fortunately for Destination that is not the case. In fact the song came together quite easily according to Sam from the band “We’re never stretched for different parts and ideas. This all helps to create our ‘Soorleys‘ sound“. The songwriting for Destination took place after the band were in New Zealand for a festival, and with their down time decided to start chipping away at some new music. “Within an hour the song was pretty much complete” Says Sam. “Once we got home we took the song into a rehearsal and arranged all the different sections“.

The Soorley’s trekked up to the Central Coast to record The Grove Studios with Auckland based producer Nic Manders who had also worked on the band’s first EP. The production on the track is very clean, the prominence is placed on the harmonised vocals that lead the charge with an infectiously catchy melody. The music taps and licks its way around these parts, but it all comes to a head in the bridge building to an epic and satisfying crescendo. The trust and mutual respect the band and Manders have for each other shows, the collaboration between the two parties have led to a flawless piece of music.