PREMIERE: The Southern River Band’s new single Chimney is literally through the roof

Fresh off touring the country as part of Groovin The Moo, 70s glam rockers and all-round legends The Southern River Band have unveiled their brand new single, Chimney. A hornbook for an upcoming second LP, the boys from Thornlie have quickly become a well-oiled machine… with none of the grease.

Reverberating and shoulder-shimmying, chugging guitars reign heavy and constant throughout Chimney. It’s a sexually titillating, quick-sticks track that guarantees to accelerate your heart rate, reminiscent of that slightly-uncomfortable call to throw back another bourbon or do another line.

Groovy, uncompromising, and riff-ridden; The Southern River Band’s new single Chimney is a raunchy slab of classic Aussie rock.

Crazed frontman and Van Halen-inspired vocalist Cal Kramer’s vocal delivery is palpable and pulverating, with a gravel straight from the back of a smoker’s throat. And the holler-back chorus is inviting and inclusive, something The Southern River Band are gaining a reputation for. There’s no pretence here.

The all too common ‘alternative’ is nowhere to be found here. Only a raunchy familiarity and a call-back to grin-worthy ACDC-esque Australiana. Lyrically, there’s humour and a tongue-in-cheek likability—as always with these party boys—and the temptation stands to “smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish.

Produced by Dan Carrol and recorded at RADA studios, Chimney doesn’t build up to nowhere. In full classic rock form, a searing guitar solo reaches full glory and croons over the last minute and a half. Groovy, uncompromising and riff-ridden, it’s the kind of music we need more in today’s world than we ever did in the decade that made it famous.

Chimney is the first taste of The Southern River Band’s upcoming second album Rumour And Innuendo, due out this August. Listen to the new single above.

Rumour has it that Cal sews his own velvet flares… and you won’t want to miss them, or him in them, live.