PREMIERE: The Uplifting Bell Ends are anything but straight and narrow on new track Sweet Heart, I Thought I Saw You

Feeling a little limp? Time to straighten up and stand tall with our friends The Uplifting Bell Ends, who are releasing their new single Sweet HeartI Thought I Saw You today.

These fellas are one of the 5 bands under 500 Facebook likes chosen to rep Happy at Underproof, the launch party for Issue #4 of our print magazine. We love em, and after hearing this track, you will too.

uplifting bell ends sweet heart, I thought I saw you premiere happy mag issue 4 launch

The Uplifting Bell Ends are rising up for the first time since 2015, dropping their old-world psych track Sweet Heart, I Thought I Saw You.

It’s been a long wait for fans of the Bell Ends, who released their debut album Super Giant in 2015. Sweet Heart, I Thought I Saw You marks the leading release from their upcoming followup LP – you guessed it – Super Giant II.

It’s a genuine, old-world psych rock track that doesn’t conform to modern expectation for what the genre has become. The Bell Ends keep the pedal use low and the BPM lower, relying instead on whacked out chord movements and spooky vocal lines from Pascal La Monte.

As for what you can expect from the rest of Super Giant II? The band insist that the stylistic choices present in Sweetheart, I Thought I Saw You are here to stay.

Throughout the upcoming LP, minor progressions (mostly) in the same scale will send you through a psychedelic rabbit hole with a 1960s acid fantasy on the other side. The Uplifting Bell Ends wrote Super Giant II with live music in mind, so expect plenty more trippy twists and turns like the one in this track’s bridge to keep you on your toes.

Keep your ear to the ground with more news and more tunes from The Uplifting Bell Ends by sussing out their Facebook and Bandcamp. There’s a second Super Giant coming straight for you, and soon.


Make sure you catch The Uplifting Bell Ends at the Happy Mag Issue 4 Launch at the Botany View Hotel on the 13th of April. Details here.