Introducing The Ginger Bakers, 1 of 4 bands supporting The Chats at UNDERPROOF

The Ginger Bakers are amongst the Northern Beaches locals selected to open for The Chats at UNDERPROOF, an upcoming all ages show on Sunday February 27th.

UNDERPROOF is a yearly initiative by Happy Mag and Northern Beaches Council that sees a handful of local bands paired up with a massive Aussie headliner. This year we have pub rock lords The Chats running point on the night, and The Ginger Bakers are one of the lucky support bands ready to strut their stuff.

To celebrate, we caught up with the band, finding all about their love for the pirate life, their debut single, Woman In The Whiskey Cabinet, and what’s coming next.

HAPPY: Hey, how are things? What have you been up to?

THE GINGER BAKERS: Things are going well thanks! The same old things, trying to jam and write as much as we can in between work and uni, gigs have been picking up too now that they’re mostly back to normal, so keeping very busy!

HAPPY: Tell us about yourselves, how did the band start out?

THE GINGER BAKERS: Well we met each other through mutual friends and just started jamming from time to time. It wasn’t until we finished school that we decided to form a band and started rehearsing more for gigs. We instantly clicked musically but we’ve also come to teach and learn from each other, and that’s definitely expanded our music tastes.

HAPPY: Woman in the Whiskey Cabinet is a jam. What made you want to write a “pirate song”?

THE GINGER BAKERS: That song actually started as just some chords that sounded cool together but once we built upon it it really started to have this lost at sea vibe, so we just went with that. The name “pirate song” was just what we called it before we thought of a name.

HAPPY: What part of the pirate life appeals most to you?

THE GINGER BAKERS: Definitely the scurvy. Being on the water during a beautiful sunset would be pretty nice too

HAPPY: Give us a little bit of a vibe on your live show. What’s the setup like?

THE GINGER BAKERS: We used to have five members and we would swap guitars, bass and keys for certain songs. Once Keyo our singer left, we kinda just kept going with that, except now Jimi, Adam, and Flynn share the heavy burden of the front man, as well as some flavour with flute and trumpet. You can expect the unexpected at our gigs and definitely a healthy amount of chaos/awkward stage banter.

HAPPY: What do you love about that scene around the Northern Beaches at the moment?

THE GINGER BAKERS: There’s some great bands we’ve had the pleasure to gig with and hang out with, it’s a super supportive scene where you’ll likely see each other at other people’s gigs too! Great to hear some variation away from the classic beach rock sound the Northern Beaches has been known for too, with some new sounds out and about.

HAPPY: Very soon you’ll be playing the Underproof show with The Chats, are you psyched? Anything special planned?

THE GINGER BAKERS: Super stoked to support The Chats! Their music is so much fun, it’s going to be a great night! We’ll definitely be playing our next single to come out, Certain, which comes out a few days before the gig, and likely playing some more new material too.

HAPPY: Tell us about what else you have coming up?

THE GINGER BAKERS: We’ve got a couple of headline gigs to celebrate the new song coming out; Narrabeen Surf Club on the 19th and Lazy Bones on the 23rd of June. They’re going to be a lot of fun with some great bands joining us too!

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!



Catch The Ginger Bakers supporting The Chats at UNDERPROOF:

3:00pm Session – less than 25 tickets remaining!

The Daturas
The Ginger Bakers

7:30pm Session – SOLD OUT

The Chats
Lux Trevis

Gig Details

PCYC Northern Beaches
Saturday 31 July
$30 + B/F
All Ages

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