PREMIERE: The whole truth and nothing but, Jordan Millar has a great new sound on True or Nothing

After holding our breath for the last ten months anticipating some new solo music from Jordan Millar, the wait is finally over! Yes, music lovers everywhere, we are now able to sit back, relax, and breathe again whilst the effects of long-awaited anticipation wear off. In saying that, after listening to his latest track True or Nothing, the wait was 100% worth it.

Jordan Millar true or nothing

Crooning troubadour Jordan Millar has a new bag of tricks to dazzle you with on his latest single True or Nothing. It’s no lie, this man is amazing.

What is most interesting about Millar’s latest song is the new direction he has taken. Instead of the more acoustic, singer-songwriter approach, True or Nothing introduces us to what a cocktail of electro and Jordan Millar sounds like, a cocktail sent over from the charming man by the bar, and it tastes pretty good.

He has had such success and a really positive reaction from his last four EPs (The Little Birds, Everything, Walking on Me, and The Wheel) which saw Millar playing a variety of different festivals around Australia from Falls Festival to Byron Bay’s Bluesfest, plus he even scored air time on the Morning Show. From here his album Cold Lights on a Curious Minds was released and who Jordan Millar truly established himself as an artist was.

He had created his particular sound, which became distinctive to him and him alone. Yet, True or Nothing breaks this mould and transformed what we knew Millar to be. At its core, the piece is an interesting and complex fusion of genres and shows a great progression for Millar.

There is definitely not a slow introduction to this new take as the listeners are hit from the get-go with a mixture of electronic beats and periodic claps. These flow throughout the whole track and become the backing weight behind his vocals. Picking up the pace of this electro / clap combination the song punches through and has this ‘I’m on a roll and not slowing down’ vibe. It seems to be quite fitting as the introduction of his new direction is shown to listeners at full steam ahead.

The Wheel EP is by far the best example of how smooth, harmonic, and complimentary, Millar’s vocals are. However, within True or Nothing, the vocals are something that help the trackstand out and show the new experimental path Millar is taking. Whilst he is still smooth and harmonic, there is also a more pop and lighter sound to his vocals.

It will be interesting to see whether, this new path taken is simply a special, one time thing with a return to what we know and love. Or will Millar keep his listeners on this musically transforming journey? Well its back to holding our breath in anticipation for the next instalment to find out!