PREMIERE: This isn’t a rave, but it is time to Glow Like Crazy with Postblue

Melbourne foursome Postblue are back with their brand new single Glow Like Crazy, a mixture of twangy surf vibes, straight up rock n roll sounds with a slight reminiscence of the The Cure. For a band that formed four years ago, they’re still relatively new, with Brett Sutton only joining the already formed band by Joe Paine, Jordan Saul and Riley McEvoy at the beginning of this month. Yet they have already curated such a tight and smooth sound, which is especially shown through Glow Like Crazy.

Postblue premiere Glow Like Crazy

With brooding vocals reminiscent of The Cure and hazy vibes laden with memories of Summer, Melbourne’s Postblue return with Glow Like Crazy.

It’s easy on the ears but at the same time will make you want to bop along, and is the perfect single to get us ready for the warmer months. The laid back tone of the song brings up memories (or premonitions) of a warm summer, and the track as a whole has a really distinct sound.

The aspect of the song that really stands out though is the vocals, they are deep, but not so deep that they become gruff. They hold a softness that make them glide so effortlessly over the accompanying instruments and music. It definitely stands out from the crowd.

Glow Like Crazy was recorded with Simon Cohen at Studios 301 in Sydney and was self-produced. The skeleton of the track was written by McEvoy, with the rest of the band members stepping in at later stages of the writing and production process to flesh it out and perfect the final touches.

Saul told us that in terms of the inspiration behind the track “We all listen to a pretty broad range of music, and are really trying to push the envelope in terms of introducing new elements and equipment to the band. I think we’re listening to a lot of 80’s / 90’s rock, and one of us has a new toy or pedal every other week, so all these factors contributed equally to the end product”.

This is the first track for the band that features Sutton on guitar, and from the sound they have produced, it is obvious that even with a new link in the chain, every element of this song flows and sounds as though they have all been playing together for far longer than they have. These boys are definitely ones to keep an eye out for in the future, and after a few heavy years of touring and writing, there’s no sign they will be backing down anytime soon.

You can catch the band on the following dates:

Thursday October 15 – Shebeen, Melbourne
Thursday October 22 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney