PREMIERE: TORK take off like a rocket on righteous debut EP Everything

TORK’s debut EP Everything works like a showreel for all the things they are capable of. It’s varied and engaging, and illuminates a path for even better things to come.

The Adelaide trio boast an impressive range in this EP. On track opener Bleeding Palms I got some old-school Offspring vibes, and much to my delight a little bit of early Green Day too. It made me nostalgic for Dookie, and the time no one would come see them play with me at the tender age of 10.

Dad said it wasn’t appropriate for me to go alone… and while he may have been right I still can’t help but resent the man.

tork everything ep
Photo: Ricky Spier

TORK’s debut EP Everything explodes like a good firework; with oomph, heaps of noise, and an attitude that’s probably illegal in a few states.

The EP takes various turns throughout, and goes interstellar towards the end of personal favourite Splutter Cough. This track sounds like something Them Crooked Vultures would brew up. Tight, explosive bass and drums keep a refined and orderly balance to the wailing chaos of the guitar.

Sounding like a supergroup made up of Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones… that’s not a bad compliment if I say so myself.

Closing track Wanted It All feels more fast paced than the stoner rock stylings of the previous jams, racing towards the finish line to end the EP on a high. The track absolutely explodes, once again showing off TORK’s impressive ability to switch between dynamics.

The alt-grunge trio have put together a solid debut EP that has a lot of different flavours in it. Much like a rainbow paddle pop it’s still great, even if a little confused. What it shows is that TORK are a multi-faceted band of talented and committed dudes who have a bright creative future ahead, but undeniably need some time to forge their own unique sound out of their many influences.

This is the kind of music I’d love to see live, at ear rupturing levels. Considering there’s nothing as liberating as loud music – or tinnitus – see them play at their launch on March 10 at Cranka, Adelaide, or catch them in Melbourne at the Tote on the 22nd of March.