PREMIERE: Transcend to another universe with Soft Motion’s groovy masterpiece Take Me

Hailing from the depths of his Byron Bay treehouse studio, Soft Motion is the product of multi-instrumentalist Chris Horwood, a genius when it comes to crafting groovy, electronic dance tunes.

Always exploring and incorporating an imaginative writing process, Horwood is on a constant quest for discovering a new sound and Soft Motion is evidence he’s invented something totally unique.

Take Me imitates the feeling of being at a live disco gone awry, absolutely stacked with ’80s dancefloor, outer-space vibes.

Fresh new track Take Me is the latest from Soft Motion, a new-wave experiment and the first in a four single sequence set to be dropped three weeks apart in the lead up to a string of epic live shows.

Horwood has hit the ground running with the groovy track Take Me, taking a progressive and punchy step in the right direction.

The track opens with a wave of synths and a hard-hitting bass line, then greeted by a groovy guitar riff and wash of spacey sonics. It’s not long before Horwood’s enchanting vocals are introduced, which draw similarities to Philip Oakley of The Human League or Iva Davies of Icehouse.

Collaborating with drummer Chris Melross from Seaside Band for this extraterrestrial track, Take Me was recorded with a 1979 ex David Bowie API Modded console desk in Nowave Studio, home of Julian Abbots.

It’s hard not to lose yourself in the insanely catchy tune, which seems to grow on you with every play. If you’re looking for a few minutes to escape reality and transcend into a universe of ’80s synths, groovy guitar and infectious beats, do yourself a favour and immerse yourself in Soft Motion’s Take Me, the first of four to come from this experimental solo act.