PREMIERE: Tuppaware Party show the seductive side of substance abuse in new clip Liquid Melancholy

Tuppaware Party have told a story like no other, delving deep and daringly into the conversation of alcoholism and substance abuse in their clip for new single, Liquid Melancholy.

Beautifully shot and utterly enthralling, the video is shrouded in pink glow and paints a sad yet gripping image of the slow reckoning of a young woman swallowed by her indulgences.

Liquid Melancholy is dreamy and effervescent. Glamorous and sensual, the filmmakers hook you in with a seductive and sultry female protagonist. While her forays into drinking may seem alluring at first, they leave a mournful aftertaste as the self destruction becomes more and more apparent.

She’s beautiful and has the world at her fingertips, while her friends and seemingly rose coloured lifestyle sway effortlessly around her, the drink becomes all consuming.

Bathing in self indulgence without the ability to recognise its side effects, the words ‘liquid melancholy’ never seemed more true on the new video from Tuppaware Party.

Tuppaware Party have shown that they are capable of swathing a dark issue in beauty, bringing to the surface the charm that there is in being lost in the excitement and fervour of drunken frivolity.

Against this however leans the unshakable haunting rhythm throughout, pulling the audience into a place where suddenly you don’t quite know where you are; mesmerising seems the only suitable word.

This really is what Liquid Melancholy is trying to show, the seductive captivation of drinking and fading into a hazy oblivion: it’s wondrous at first, but slowly the realities begin to sink in.

The clip gets less beautiful and more sorrowful, the glamour of the girl in the opening scenes is lost, and we are left with a shadow of who she showed us.

Tuppaware Party released Liquid Melancholy earlier in August and have already seen significant play on Triple J Unearthed and FBi. Look out for them around and about – if this clip is anything to go off, the creativity won’t stop here.

You can catch them on September 10 on the Visions Stage at King Street Crawl 2017, alongside Abbe May, Peter Bibby, Flyying Colours, Dream Rimmy and Boat Show.