PREMIERE: We Are The Ones from Tuppaware Party is an anthem for victims everywhere

Sydney five-piece Tuppaware Party have made a bold return with second single, We Are The Ones.

The lyrics detail a childlike struggle with personal anecdotes from Fitzpatrick’s upbringing. It’s one that transcends the formative school years, remaining relevant for anyone, of any age, looking to stick it to the man.

tuppaware party we are the ones

We Are The Ones from Tuppaware Party offers a comfort in uniqueness, and an unashamed confidence in straying away from normality.

We Are The Ones is a dreamy pop-rock number with highly contrasted lyrics that slowly see the track distort into a theatrical display of power. Frontwoman Shelly Fitzpatrick lulls you into a false sense of comfort with her angelic voice, working her ethereal vocals into a gritty growl with tempo changes that come and go without warning.

It’s a fascinating mixture that challenges expectations in a way which feels both cathartic and empowering.

Fitzpatrick describes her inspiration behind the track as her younger self:

“The song was actually written with the intention to empower people who have been through a lot in life. I kind of wanted to write a song for my 14-year-old self, to help her combat a few things… to let her know that rising above is the most insanely empowering feeling, especially when you have every right to feel like the world is against you.”

And Fitzpatrick has done exactly that. We Are The Ones is the anthem you wish you had when you felt like the world was your enemy. At least in the all-grown-up version of you can still find comfort in woozy guitars, airy theremin, and stellar writing.


Catch Tuppaware Party live:

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Sat 28 April – Donny Benet Album Launch – UOW Bar, Wollongong – Details