PREMIERE: Vast Hill’s intoxicating new single Oblivion is a sparkling, synth-pop dreamland

Sydney’s dream-pop outfit Vast Hill consistently deliver a perfect blend of retro synth sounds and memorable melodies, layered with dreamy vocals and buoyant dance beats.

The duo doubles down on synth-driven goodness with their intoxicating new single Oblivion, transporting you to a pastel-coloured world of romance and heartache.

With tranquil vocals and pulsating synth rhythms, Vast Hill’s new single Oblivion is a shimmering, intoxicating synth-pop dream.

Following the release of their debut EP The Way, Elle Kress and Adin Milo, who make up the Sydney synth-pop duo Vast Hill, dove headfirst into creating the full-length studio album More Than You Imagined. The pair gave us the first slice of the forthcoming album earlier this year with their popular synth-drenched dream pop track Heartbreaker. 

Hot on the heels of the release of Heartbreaker, the duo return to further woo and intoxicate you with their irresistible new single Oblivion. The track tells a soft, glimmering narrative of feelings of heartache and yearning at the tail end of a relationship.

“‘Oblivion’ is about the struggle of being with someone well past its ‘due-date’. You’re both exhausted, fighting over every little thing and just as it’s about to be let go, you both unwillingly try [to] give it another go. There’s also that moment when you just sit there waiting and hoping for that old feeling to come back.”

Vast Hill continue to develop their signature sound on Oblivion, as they transport you to a dreamland of spiralling synth melodies, soaring angelic vocals and punchy power beats to create a sparkling, modern take on nostalgic ’80s synth-pop.

The strength of this powerful duo is reinforced by the collaborative efforts of Michael Chow (FROYO), Luke Million and Steve Smart for producing, mixing and mastering the new single, making the end result an absolute delight to sink your teeth into.

It’s clear that Kress and Milo’s strong partnership has been flourishing in the studio as they’ve worked on their debut album, Oblivion has given us even further insight into the sort of ethereal, disco-tinged dream grooves that the pair have in store for us upon the release of  More Than You Imagined, set to be released on October 19th.