PREMIERE: Vigilantes take us for a ride in Elasticity

Sometimes following the trajectory of someone’s night out can feel a little voyeuristic. Even looking at a Facebook feed on a Friday night is enough to make you feel little creepy, pawning over the fruits of a stranger’s nights out. But at other times, when this montage is soundtracked by lush 80s synth-pop and features dark alleyways, flares and club gigs, it can be pretty damn fun. So, don your favourite denim jacket, grab a pushie and take a midnight ride around Sydney with Vigilantes in their new clip for Elasticity.

Vigilantes post

Grab a denim jacket and a BMX for a ride with Vigilantes as they weave through the dark cityscape of Sydney, all to the soundtrack of some killer, 80s inspired synth pop.

The track is a great piece of 80s-influenced noir pop, something that wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack for Drive. Naturally, (because that movie rules) a film clip that follows suit was in order. Speaking with singer/synth-player, Angela, one half of Vigilantes, she reveled that “Elasticity came about when we were in different cities, we were texting ideas back and forth and the title Elasticity popped into the conversation. [The track] is about drifting through the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship and wanting to cut it loose and tie it tighter.”

Spurred on by the motif of urban spaces, the clip features the cityscapes pretty heavily. Angela and Dave (vocals and guitar man) saunter and ride their way across bridges, through alleyways, and packed streets, into dank restaurants and finally to their own strobe-lit gig. Angela said “It was filmed in the cool city of Sydney, back alleyways of Redfern and amongst the hustle of China Town. We spread out the filming over a few days and I pulled a muscle in my groin riding a bmx in wedge sneakers. Not recommended. It was so much fun and Dan (our sax-man) made a couple bucks busking.” Featuring a dreamy sax solo, the clip montages a strobe-licked Dan blaring it out while Angela runs amok with a flare. It’s all very 80s, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

One of the most striking parts of the clip are the killer matching denim jackets that Dave and Angela both wear. Inspired by the 80s cult classic, The Warriors, the band set to making them themselves. “Our friend Ro designed the patches and we stenciled them on some calico and Bobs your uncle, band jackets.” 

The duo seem to have their vision nailed down to every last detail. Dave and Angela seem to compliment each other perfectly, not only vocally, but also stylistically. Angela is inviting and seductive while Dave shies away, dark and brooding. And in this case, polar personalities work in the best possible way.