PREMIERE: WALKEN reveal breathtaking one-shot clip for their melancholy new tune Unomi

A three-piece known for bringing a relatable, loving edge to the often ragged field of garage rock, WALKEN have spent years proving that rock ‘n’ rollers can have a soft side.

Their latest single Unomi is no exception, an endearing love song that’s disarmingly honest and powerfully evocative. It spins a tale too many of us are familiar with; the way you can fall head over heels for someone… for better or worse.

The song is something special, yet the film clip kicks it up a notch. Directed by Pernell Marsden and starring Tamara McLaughlin, the one-shot video is the epitome of a less-is-more aesthetic.

premiere walken unomi Tamara McLaughlin happy mag

Shed a happy tear with WALKEN and Unomi, a stunning new single and music video that’s sure to bring a sombre smile to your dial.

The clip follows McLaughlin around a stark hall, empty save for WALKEN performing subtly in the backdrop. All at once she’s elated, withheld and melancholy, projecting a bittersweet attitude completely in line with the song’s emotional timbre.

As Unomi twists and lulls, so too does her dance. And when the song crescendos in a dramatic bridge, the clip finds a magnificent catharsis in a slowly zooming shot of the band in action.

The clip finishes with a whisper, just as it started. It truly iterates that sometimes, silence is louder than anything.

With Unomi, WALKEN’s brand of emotive, carefree rock music is intact. It’s a cut from their upcoming EP What’s Your Environment?, which also features previous singles Eagle Eye and Even If It Kills Me.

Look out for What’s Your Environment? on December 15th.