PREMIERE: With glittering curtains, fuzzy rock and just 90 seconds to impress, CAKEFIGHT deliver the goods with Sucks Under This Sun

Garage, punk, spank rock and everything scuzzy are certainly hitting their heyday in Melbourne right now, with new pioneers of fuzzed-out, psychotic rock popping up every other week.

CAKEFIGHT are the latest, the power-duo comprised of Andrew Porter and Vanessa Morris. Their debut EP dropped just six days ago and now they’re ready to offer up their debut video, set to a filthy good gem called Sucks Under This Sun.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matthew Melton of Fuzz City all the way over in Austin, Texas, CAKEFIGHT 7″ EP is a welcome addition into the brimming local garage scene, and bursting with a refreshing liveliness.

cakefight ep video

Pushing garage rock more more powerful than a landslide, watch you don’t get obliterated by the substantial sonics of CAKEFIGHT.

Sucks Under This Sun itself is a raucous treat wrought with more character in it’s 91 second duration than some bands manage in ten minutes. Anyone who says two band members can’t drive a proper wall of sound by themselves haven’t heard CAKEFIGHT yet.

Porter’s poisonous guitar hook starts the track in unison with Morris’ pumping kick drum, smashing things into gear with an attitude reminiscent of early White Stripes thumpers like Blue Orchid.

The video lovingly adopts the DIY style eminent in CAKEFIGHT’s scene, taking place within a bare bones set with naught but glittering streamers, a set of drums and a loud, loud guitar.

The cuts are basic, the aesthetic is simple and the band draw your attention easily. When you’re strutting the basics of rock and roll like this fuzzy duo, that’s all you really need.

If you’re eating up the cake these rockers are chucking around, be sure to head on down to The Old Bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne to watch them launch their EP this Friday.

Morris and Porter aren’t willing to confirm or deny whether or not there will be an actual cake fight at the gig, but our hopes are high.

Jump on the Facebook event for all the details.

CAKEFIGHT’s debut EP is out now.