Yeo give's Bonjah's Burn (And Shine) a killer remix!

PREMIERE: Yeo does Bonjah better than Bonjah does Bonjah

You have to love a Thursday morning. You’ve gotten over hump day and the frivolity of the weekend is just that much closer. A cheeky beer after work is less likely to be frowned upon, and that magpie that squawks outside your bedroom at 5am is a little more bearable*. What you need is a track that captures those feelings of anticipation and excitement for the good times to come. A song you can bang on as you spring out of bed. The kind of tune you can groove to while eating your Weet-Bix to the horror / entertainment of your roommates. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Bonjah‘s Burn (And Shine), as remixed by the affably talented Yeo.

Yeo Burn (And Shine)

It’s time to break for the Thursday dance battle. Song of choice, Yeo’s electrifying remix of Bonjah’s Burn (And Shine).

First thing’s first, that meandering intro would have been more clever if Bonjah called this song Rise (And Shine), but we can’t dwell on what could have been. So let’s focus on what we have, and fuck is it a good one. For those who aren’t aware Bonjah is an alternative rock troupe from Melbourne. The gang’s expertise lies in writing electrifying blues-influenced jams you can get your feet tapping to. Burn (And Shine) is their latest effort, and puts all the above praise to use.

Meanwhile old mate Yeo has been quietly making a name for himself with a slick combo of R&B and synth-pop, not to mention some smooth production skills to match. Needless to say the pairing of these two artists comes a little left of field, but what Yeo gives us is nothing short of joyful. Whereas the original track was an anthem of self-affirmation the remix takes it to the next level and turns the whole affair into a party.

Glenn Mossop’s smoky vocals are as seductive as ever, but the star of the show is Yeo’s electric touch. Just call the man Midas already. The guitar riff is gone and is replaced with an infectious synth hook. Several drum tracks are layered throughout, giving the song an urgent energy. The choir element to the vocals that remain are now framed through new claps and descending midi sounds as the track burns hot like a fever, and will no doubt have you working up a sweat on the d-floor. It’s the kind of song that gets you off the wall and into the heat of the action.

If Yeo isn’t on your radar already then this may well be the track that gets you on the bandwagon. The man’s talent for taking a song like Burn (And Shine), which already had such a strong presence, and reworking it into a piece of unbridled joy is worthy of applause, or at the very least some dorky dance moves.

*Ed: Lies, just outright lies.