What is Quiet Quitting? The trend taking over TikTok

Quiet Quitting is not what you think it is. It’s not about quitting per se, it’s all about work-life balance, doing it your way, on your terms, in the role that you currently have. 

The trend of quiet quitting has ignited like wildfire on TikTok, which has so far collectively had over 3.9 million views. It appears “going above and beyond” is on the way out, and just “doing what you are paid for” is on the way in.

Hundreds of ‘quiet quitters’ have taken to the platform to talk about the importance of work-life balance, turning the focus toward maintaining a healthy work-life balance to promote a greater sense of well-being across the board with the job that they currently hold.

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Credit: EW

There is a line being drawn in the employee sand. Workers are no longer happy to bend over backward for their employers or sacrifice their physical and mental wellbeing. The trend has sparked an increase in the 5pm cut-off time, which means no more working overtime, no longer doing “the job of three people,” and fully embracing the concept of “if it’s not in my contract, I don’t have to do it.” 

According to TikTok user, millennium frizz, it’s about drawing healthy boundaries and how this approach, in general, can be applied to any profession. Whilst there has been some backlash from critics, calling it “a recipe for disaster,” TikTokers are firmly standing by it, stating that it is all about “taking care of yourself.”