Envvie premieres King of Hearts on Happy

PREMIERE: You’ll be green eyed after hearing what 17 year old Envvie can do on King of Hearts

At only seventeen, Envvie has done some really great things throughout the course of 2015. Her first single Animals was a big success as a debut single. Described as fresh and getting plenty of love from the crew over at triple J Unearthed, plenty of folk have been waiting to see what else this young artist has up her sleeve. That moment is finally here with King of Hearts, the second single from her debut EP, Blackout set to be released in November this year.

Envvie premiere

Packed with intense lyrics and beautifully fragile vocals, 17 year old Envvie will have you feeling you wasted your teenage years with King of Hearts.

Envvie hails from Newcastle where she found her calling for electro-pop not too long ago and has started to become a regular in the local music scene. With rich and warm vocals and a natural gift for the guitar, Envvie proves she has more talent than her years would seemingly allow. Her clear as crystal voice has won her plenty of praise including  placing as a finalist in the Academy of Music and Performing Arts annual One Scholarship competition. How has no one signed her yet?

King of Hearts is dark, yet has soft electronic tones which can no doubt be attributed to her team up with local producer Cameron Taylor. Her sound is mature and strong with catchy pop elements similar to Washington and Regina Spektor. Her delicate, sweet and feminine sound shows that individual women are powerful and very important to the music industry.

King of Hearts builds tension in the first five seconds. There is suspense and intensity in the lyrics and simple backing which resembles a heart beating or trembling footsteps. It is the confidence in Envvie’s voice that carries the song from the start through to the end. This track is precise and offers people in mixed minds or indecision some clarity though lyrical means. As she says, it is a song dedicated to relationship roulette.

Envvie overlaps her voice over loops and vocal levels. In each track she comes across even more mesmerising and beautifully fragile than her debut track Animals. With a captivating sound, Envvie leaves an ethereal impression. King of Hearts is one of those goose bumps on the arm kind of songs. It’s a simple track with little instrumentals that creeps up on you, like a fog in the night. Minimalism is really what Envvie is about and she plays to her strengths with conviction. Life is full of many sweet things, and Envvie is one of them.

Head to the Blackout EP Launch on Saturday the 21st of November at the Small Band Room.