9 Femme Fatales who are killing it part 3

There’s heaps of lists about girl who are in rock music. Sadly, many of these seem to be in lads magazines, with titles like ‘Sexiest Women in Rock’, women’s magazines, about the ‘Best-Dressed Women in Rock’ or even ‘Best Muses in Rock’. But you know what? There are a whole lot of ladies out there making their mark in the rock world by playing actual rock music. I’m sure that’s not surprising to you, being a Happy reader, you are more than likely well-informed about this area. But in any case read on for the third in our series of women who are killing it in rock.

Femme Fatales who are killing it

There are some badass babes tearing up the stages. If these Femme Fatales aren’t on your radar, then it’s high time you ought to acquaint yourself.


Okay, so there are a couple of guys in Mangelwurzel, but with ladies this cool and tunes this catchy, we’ll still let them in on this list. Imagine No Doubt with more punk and more trumpets and you’ve got Mangelwurzel. Their music is a perfect kind of chaotic, and instantly face-melting from the get-go. Forget songs that grow on you, these tracks are fully-sprouted and will leave you wanting more. Plus they have a song called Fishy Fry. What more could you want?


Melbournian soul songstress WILSN has been lauded for her killer voice and keen song writing skills. Her awesomeness was revealed when her second single, Walking for Days garnered 70,000 plays on Spotify just two weeks after its release. She has supported soul legend Charles Bradley, as well as Meg Mac, Harts and Ali Barter. If you haven’t heard of her, you a) are behind the times and b) had better get streaming.

Coda Conduct

These ladies have got it going on! See latest single Paint it Gold for evidence. Not only do these ladies create super-impressive and confident rhymes, but they also have a track named Pool Room — and anything The Castle related deserves quadruple kudos. What’s more, they regularly participate in Stayfly Sydney, an all-ladies hip-hop collective focused on fostering collaborations between musicians, artists and dancers. Women who help other women: now that is kickarse.

All Our Exes Live in Texas

All Our Exes Live in Texas supported the Backstreet Boys. That in itself should cement their places in the ranks of awesome, but they are so much more than that. Comprised of what’s basically a who’s-who of the Sydney female singer-songwriter music scene, All Our Exes’ lineup features Elana Stone, Katie Wighton, Hannah Crofts and Georgia Mooney — all highly-respected solo artists in their own right. Not only do they produce pretty-as-heck folksy-country, but they’re some of the funniest live performers you’ll see.


Perth-based Catlips has made quite the name for herself with her slick electronic beats and associated projections during her live shows. A little bit experimental, a whole lot danceable, this is music you want to hear when your energy is flagging on the dancefloor and all you need is a good track to set you right again. This lady knows her shit and isn’t afraid to show it off.

Bec Sandridge

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Bec Sandridge‘s unusual yet amazing voice. It’s hard to recall hearing anything like it of late, and she puts it to damn good use. Her latest track In the Fog, In the Flame is one of those songs you’ll just want to listen to over and over again — it’s equal parts poppy but also darkly serious. Do yourself a favour and go listen.

High Tension

Be honest, how many female-fronted punk-rock bands have you seen kicking around? Not many, right? Then it’s time to open your ears to High Tension, fronted by ex-Young and Restless frontwoman Karina Utomo. Utomo’s piercing (in a good way) vocals and striking live presence has seen the group go from strength to strength, with ARIA nominations, huge national tours and support slots for bands such as Karnivool.


Not only is JOY. (otherwise known as Olivia McCarthy) a kickarse singer-songwriter, but she’s also just 17. Her dreamy electro-pop won over Laneway attendees earlier this year, when she was named winner of triple j’s Unearthed Laneway competition. Her beautiful vocals and excellent synth work will ensure JOY.’s name stays on your lips for a good while to come.

Le Pie

Le Pie is fucking cool. There is really no other word other than that to describe her dreamy yet dark musical stylings that have won the hearts of triple j and Rolling Stone among others. Much like her home base of Newtown, Le Pie is gritty yet charming and is sure to creep under your skin and get stuck there for good.