The worthy heir to Winterfell, bow down to Anna of the North

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White-capped mountain tops and crispness in the air that turns the tip of your nose pink. Wild deer and foals that gallop through flowered green meadows. Gruesome, strong and vicious Vikings dressed in animal-skinned cloaks. Bottled mineral water straight from natural springs. Whichever image best resonates with you, there is no doubt that Scandinavia is a beautiful place, and that includes the music as well. Icona Pop, Mø and NONONO are just a few of the talented acts coming from Scandinavia at the moment, and Anna of the North is no exception.

Anna of the North The Dreamer

Following a fateful encounter, Anna of the North makes dream-pop her own with moving new single The Dreamer.

Whether it’s from the calm and open landscapes or perhaps the dance of the Northern Lights, Scandinavia often has a mystical allure. This mystical ambience plays right into this idea of fate and whether you believe in it or not, Anna had some other outside factors at play pulling her towards the music world. After listening to New Zealand producer Brady Daniell-Smith (Little Dreamer) play a gig in Melbourne, her friends convinced her to go up and play with him. They hit it off and with Brady moving to Oslo, the two have now created some floral electronic music which is leaving its own brand on the dream / synth-pop world.

Signing with Brooklyn based record label Honeymoon in June 2014, Anna expressed that one of the musical inspirations for their tracks is in fact the world renown and loved English broadcaster and naturalists, David Attenborough. Just like his intriguing and hypnotic voice, which make his documentaries so recognisable, these elements have been implemented within music that makes Anna of the North.

The demo Since you Got On resonates this hypnotic vibe quite well. The slowest mix, there is a wave like effect to the song that calms you whilst still keeping you engaged with each individual element. From the drawn out vocals, heartbeat flutters or to the soft synth, Since you Got On is quite unique in comparison to other tracks yet shows a level of diversity for Anna of the North.

Released two weeks ago is the latest single The Dreamer. Self-discovery is a theme that resonates throughout the piece. As you first hear the track it’s soft and delicate, almost finding its footing. Anna’s angelic vocals then greet you with “I feel so uninspired, all the songs that I write, are about you“. As the synth builds and the tempo gathers speed, so does the anticipation. You can feel the dream-like drop fast approaching, “I’m drifting away I can’t hear you no more and the further I get, the to closer I am to decisions I will regret. Finally the release, but it’s not about you“.

The song continues to loop with this hook, and you can tell that this song becomes one of self-assurance and stability. There is a sense of breaking away as if all the doubts are being left behind. Anna of the North has come into her own and cemented her place with a distinct impression in the music world. The Dreamer will have you reaching out, to click the repeat button over and over again.

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