PREMIERE: Zeahorse will kick you in the teeth on their new tune Designer Smiles

When Zeahorse tore apart our Issue 8 launch party last month, it was my first time seeing the band live. And my god, did they make a solid first impression.

The Sydney four-piece effortlessly straddle the line between chaos and meticulousness to deliver a sound that’s both uncompromising and carefully considered. I’m calling it right now, they’re one of the tightest local bands currently making the rounds.

You may want to take cover; Sydney noise-punk outfit Zeahorse will kick you in the fucking teeth with their blistering new single Designer Smiles.

On their new single Designer Smiles, the band ooze out their signature blend of dirty noise-punk and socially conscious lyricism to craft a track that’ll crawl under your skin and stay there for weeks.

From the moment those first drum beats explode into existence, Designer Smiles is an absolute punch to the gut. Such an experience never felt so good.

This song took ages… and it has 132 tracks, I think we drove our engineer Dan Frizza mad,” the band say of the track.

There was a point around where we hit around 100 tracks where we were like ‘have we gone too far?’ There wasn’t really any way out but to keep adding more guitars.”

Designer Smiles is the second taste of Zeahorse’s upcoming third LP.

Do yourself a favour and have a listen above, and make sure you head along to the single launch at Sydney’s Lansdowne Hotel on July 21st. More info on that show here.