PREMIERE: Zeppelin, the Flaming Lips and Greek psych converge in The Cave Children’s live clip for Pelorian

There’s nothing worse then missing a good gig. Maybe it’s from being too broke, or too tired, or maybe you couldn’t convince you’re mates to tag along because they’d rather go clubbing. Or perhaps the gig isn’t anywhere near you. Maybe it’s in Greece – a good 13,569 km away from home here in Australia. The Cave Childrens debut music video, Pelorian takes you where your empty bank account never will – Six Dogs, a trendy nightclub nurturing live music, DJ’s and heaps of cool shit in the very heart of Athens.


Hailing from the monolithic Greek capital, Athens, The Cave Children dole out a wonderful deluge of psychedelic influences in a flashing live package with Pelorian.

The clip for Pelorian is a live recording of the of four piece onstage, allowing you to experience a mesh of psych melodies, garage head banging and a super distinct Mediterranean flair that leaves you’re mind swirling. It’s an interesting flavour, this huge mix of music influences and genres that the band freely pick and play with. The lighting washes the boys in blue, changing to flashes of red and white as the notes change. Each different shot shows a different perspective: a black shadow of moshers, a sea of guitar necks, an isolated moustache. It’s pretty sick how full the stage looks considering there’s only 4 blokes and a few instruments.

Pelorian is held together by a recurring instrumental. The band gets heavy on drums, electric blazing offering a spooky sound that feels a bit like the not so distant memories of Halloween. It’s all very Led Zeppelin, if you ask me. But the rest of the verses are almost the opposite. It’s sounds like they’re playing a completely different song. The drummer is laughing, the bass player is bopping (literally – watch his head), and they could very well be called a pop band. It’s obvious they’re inspired by the technicolor mastery of the Flaming Lips, with a sweet as ice cream fusion of multi-coloured goodness.

At the last few notes, lead singer Vassilis Vlahakos has his back to the audience and the whole band is feeling it, communicating with each other in what is obviously a really fun song to play. They relish in the heavy stuff and laugh away the lightness.

Watch this video if you feel like being transported to a club in Athens, or to hear something you’ve never heard before, that still sounds like all of the stuff you love. It’s a pretty wonderful experience, a band of Greeks channeling the classics you love (Zappa, Zeppelin, Beatles) with a Kevin Parker-psych, coastal-Mediterranean twist. What a mouthful. What an experience. One I’m guessing you probably won’t forget.