Presenting Huge if True’s ‘Live Music Fashion Awards’

Words by Huge if True

Fashion. It’s inescapable. It’s unavoidable. It’s irresistible. Why? ‘Why’ is a question we here at Huge if True HQ can’t, and probably shouldn’t, answer. We are not authorities on fashion in literally any sense.

With that in mind, we hit the internet equivalent of a red carpet to chat to some of our closest and most fashionable friends across Melbourne’s live music scene at this year’s Huge if True Live Music Fashion Awards ceremony.

huge if true fashion show

Here’s what three Melbourne musos had to say about fashion, live music and what winter wardrobes should look like in 2018. Enjoy!

Josh Cashman

First interviewee on the red carpet tonight is the one and only Josh Cashman! Tonight, Josh is sporting an absolute belter of a double denim combo, accessorised magnificently with an earthy wood finish Stratocaster. We’re talking 100% real Fender, people. Much wow. Very yes.

Photo: Benjamin Majdlik

HIT: Josh hi! We love the denim! Tell us, when did your love affair with the famed dyed cotton begin?

JOSH: I think this sparked to life when I starting selling jeans at my day job! I’d only really owned a couple of pairs of Dejours before I started working at a denim outlet, which just lead to denim on denim on denim.

HIT: What is it about ripped jeans that just makes them so damn cool?

JOSH: The knees. The sexiest part of the human body of course. Although, with leg hair like mine sometimes you can’t actually tell if they’re ripped or not.

HIT: We love your knees hair or not, Josh! But let’s talk hats for just a moment. That’s a very vibing cap you’re wearing. What’s your stance on hats both when performing on stage and in life? Are you a prolific hat owner?

JOSH: I’m definitely a hat man. I have three cupboard shelves dedicated to them, from fedoras to some of my Dad’s old hats he wore growing up. I think they’re great and hide the hard-to-tame mop of hair on the head!

HIT: Wow, three whole cupboard shelves! We can definitely see Josh picking up an award or two in the headwear section of tonight’s ceremony.

Kate Dillon / Full Flower Moon Band

Our next guest walking down style mile is none other than Kate Dillon from Full Flower Moon Band! Kate’s outfit tonight is rocking a fabulous array of silks and a pink faux fur jacket. This spiffing combo is matched impeccably with regal accessories and a wonderfully detailed pair of black belt-buckle boots.

Photo: Jared O’Sullivan

HIT: Kate, hi! Thanks for chatting with us! First up, we love that jacket. Tell us about pink fur jackets and what they mean to you.

KATE: Pink fur jackets are best when they are free from animal cruelty, and done in natural pink tones, only wear tones that can be found in roses. Also, while we are talking fashion, it’s actually not a jacket – it’s just a big bit of fluffy fabric.

HIT: Incredible. Cruelty free creativity at its finest. But we were wondering, what’s the crossover between your regular outfits and stage outfits in your wardrobe?

KATE: Day shows, day clothes, night shows, night clothes + always kimonos.

HIT: I think we may have just changed our life motto after that response. But what about the kind of planning that goes into your costume choices for press photosand the like? They all look so killer, is that just an off the cuff process or something more deliberate?

KATE: I just use whatever clothes I have floating around, off the cuff for sure.

HIT: That’s outrageously cool. It’s no surprise Kate is one of tonight’s most nominated guests. Full Flower Moon Band sure have the recipe right!

Jackson Phelan / RAT!hammock

Oh look! It’s Jackson Phelan of RAT!hammock! Tonight, Jackson has donned the classic oversized tee and snappy jeans look, paired effortlessly with a sunburst Fender Jaguar. Love the bright yellow Bio-Hazard strap for that subtle hint of X-factor!

Jackson Phelan rat!hammock
Photo: Kayzar

HIT: Jackson hi so good to see you tonight! What’s the current relationship status of you and clothes?

JACKSON: Divorced baby, I’m nude right now and never looking back.

HIT: Not even confronted by that. Anything’s normal with you. Hard question time; if you had to wear one essential winter item all summer long, what would it be and why?

JACKSON: There’s nothing quite like strutting down St Kilda beach, with your thongs on, your shirt off and a gigantic Russian fur cap on your noggin. SURE, it’s a statement piece but life’s too short to hide from your fabulous self.

HIT: We just love the T-Shirt in this photo, but we also really love that guitar strap. What’s your take on the relationship between guitars, their accessories and your outfits?

JACKSON: I’ve always been serious about guitar/guitar strap combinations. My first guitar was an Epiphone SG which i paired with a totally sinful red devil lady leather strap. As i’m sure you are all aware, this combination was later immortalised in the film clip for The Veronicas’ 2006 classic ‘Everything I’m Not’. I’m yet to formally prove that Jess Origliasso (the snakier of the two Veronicas) somehow happened to see footage of me performing at the 2005 Rainbow Secondary College Freeza with the iconic combo, but as I’ve written to her in many of my letters, as soon as I do my lawyers will destroy her.

HIT: Well, on that note it’s time to head in to the virtual theatre for the awards show! Despite the ceremony bearing our name, we unfortunately lost the rights to broadcasting the actual event. So for the hot goss on who won, who was robbed and who got too wasted at the after party (hint: it was Jackson) check out the bands above on the socials below! You could maybe suss Buzzfeed or something as well but we’re honestly too bitter about not being let in that we’re not going to work that out for you. This has been Huge if True journalism, saying thanks for reading and stay as fashion as you feel!


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