PREMIERE: Get lost in Joey Legit’s brilliantly layered new Falling Leaves EP

It’s with the line “95 in an old red Nissan, same fears in the same damn streets… rollin’ around, I’m skiddin,” that Joey Legit opens the gates of his spectacularly layered new EP Falling Leaves. 

Through the EP’s seven track duration, Legit paints a detailed and abstract picture of youth… roping you in with his rich soundscapes and near flawless vocal delivery.

Joey Legit’s brilliant new EP Falling Leaves showcases the artist’s insane versatility while never feeling disjointed. A feat very few songwriters can achieve.

The EP traverses through technicolored scenes of pop-driven vocal hooks, woozy and melancholic production, and vitriolic lyricism.

This new collection of songs never sits in one place for long; it jumps from scene to scene, flaunting Legit’s versatility, while never feeling disjointed.

EP opener Olympus 4K showcases the artists carefully considered lyricism and penchant for dense, immersive production.

Van Gogh and OEDBITG – the EP’s two closing tracks – perfectly capture Legit’s adaptability. With the former being a textured and woozy slice of emo hip-hop and the latter being the artist’s most fury-driven release to date.

By the time OEDBITG reaches its final moments, you’ll have been completely transfixed by Joey Legit’s incredibly well thought-out music.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.