PREMIERE: Huge If True will keep you on your toes with their huge new single Super Egos

Since dropping their debut single Everything I Did As A Kid earlier in the year, Melbourne outfit Huge If True have gigged pretty extensively, and carved out a unique spot for themselves in the Australian psych scene.

It’s disorientating, a little bizarre, and completely mesmerising. I guarantee you’ll be unable to rip your attention away from their hallucinatory sounds for even just a moment.

Allow Melbourne five-piece Huge If True to melt your mind into completely new shapes on their huge new single Super Egos.

Made up of guitarist and vocalist Xander Mansell, bassist and vocalist Hick Namdorf, vocalist and lead guitarist Swain Train, drummer Nate Dogg, and vocalist and keyboard player Cheyne West, the five-piece meld together characteristics of psych and indie-rock to form a sound that’ll leave you unsure which way the floor is. 

On their new single Super Egos the band strut through glitchy synths, crunching bass lines, infectious guitar lines, and punchy vocals to deliver a song that’ll stick with you for weeks.

The track jumps from place to place, never stagnating. It’ll keep you on your toes for its entire four-minute duration.

Do yourself a favour and dive into the new track above. And catch Huge If True live at their single launch at The Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood on July 13th. More info and tickets here.