Long Night Mate? Prince Charles fell asleep at Barbados republic ceremony

Barbados made news yesterday, after it became the world’s newest republic, and declared Rihanna a national hero.

Even though the ceremony included loud celebrations, including a 21 gun salute, apparently it wasn’t loud enough to keep Prince Charles awake.

The 73-year old was filmed during the ceremony slowly closing his eyes as his head began to droop, before walking back up and quickly sitting back up in his seat.

The next in line for the throne flew to the Caribbean nation to be there as it removed Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state with a ceremony on Wednesday, nearly 400 years after the first English ships arrived at the Caribbean island.

The Queen though unable to visit in person, passed a message to the people of Barbados, sending her “warmest good wishes for your happiness, peace and prosperity in the future” and said that the country had a “special place” in her heart for “its vibrant culture, its sporting prowess, and its natural beauty”.

Charles delivered a speech before his little snooze, saying the formation of the republic “offers a new beginning” for the nation.

“From the darkest days of our past and the appalling atrocity of slavery which forever stains our history, people of this island forged their path with extraordinary fortitude,” he said in quite an eloquent, insightful and vulnerable manner.

Those words of wisdom alongside the journey over may have exhausted the Prince, however, this wasn’t the first time Charles has been caught napping. During the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle back in 2018, a flurry of tweets were made wondering if Charles may have drifted off while his son was saying “I do”.

Additionally, during a Queen’s speech in parliament earlier this year the Duke of Cornwall was caught with his eyes closed.

While Charles’ sleeping pattern may not be the biggest concern in the world at the moment, it may be fair to assume that the Prince needs an earlier bedtime or a comfier pillow.