Proclivity tread new territory on brooding electronic single ‘Paper Dollhouse’

On their latest effort Paper Dollhouse, Perth quintet Proclivity tackle heavy topics with the assist of cinematic electronica.

Fans of Proclivity might think they already have a handle on the Perth band’s sound. Upon the release of their debut track MANIA earlier this year, the five-piece showcased their mastery of screaming guitar licks and ambitious lyricism, but they’ve returned with a new single that’s something altogether unique, showcasing the bands alternate influences.

With its penchant for electronics and atmospheric synths, Paper Dollhouse outlines a new and exciting sonic direction for Proclivity, with the assist of hip-hop producer Staywell.

Proclivity new single 'Mania'

Opening with the expressive vocals of Proclivity vocalist Hayden Wright, Paper Dollhouse opts for tension-building in its opening moments, before David May’s punchy percussion provides a catchy slow-groove.

Reminiscent of the work of The Kite String Tangle and Safia, Paper Dollhouse forgoes its heavy progressive rock instrumentation in service of a more cinematic sound, which is not to say the track is devoid of rock elements.

Bassist Sol Spilsbury-Slee provides a pulsating rhythm, as Wright’s delivery brims with an infectious soft-punk energy. If MANIA is a thunderous statement of exaltation, Paper Dollhouse is its moment of reflection.

Proclivity band interview 'Mania'

Here, Proclivity again borrow from rock music’s heady and topical lyricism under the guise of ambient electronica, with verses detailing the often-overlooked victims of war and conflict.

“There ain’t no cause conceivable worth sending you to die for,” Wright croons, showcasing a richness in both storytelling and range not heard on MANIA.

“We’ve always tackled heavy subjects,” Wright explains. “Paper Dollhouse’ emphasizes the real toll of war, the innocent people who become bystanders to tyranny.”

Paper Dollhouse was recorded in Fremantle and overseen by Staywell, known offstage as Matt Templeman. The single was the subject of much experimentation, with five versions toyed with before arriving at the final cut.

Proclivity band interview 'Mania'

“It was refreshing to explore new territory with them, and I’m super proud of what we achieved together,” Staywell said.

On top of an imminent release for Paper Dollhouse, which will also feature a full music video directed by fellow band member David Ellis, Proclivity are gearing up for the release of their debut album The Year Without a Summer, which will include MANIA as well as the 25-minute epic title track.

In the meantime, prepare to get swept up in the brooding electronica of Proclivity’s new single Paper Dollhouse when it drops on 30 September – you can pre-save the track below, or pre-order it on the band’s bandcamp here.

Presave Paper Dollhouse here.