Put Blood in the Music: A doco on the music of Sonic Youth, John Zorn and other 80s noise artists

In the late 1980s, renowned video media pioneer Charles Atlas took a step away from working with his usual subject matter – the world of dance – to film a documentary about the bristling NYC noise scene, focusing on two key artists, Sonic Youth and revered experimentalist, John Zorn.


Check out Put Blood in the Music, a documentary about the music of Sonic Youth, John Zorn and other 1980s noise and avant-garde artists.

Titled Put Blood in the Music, the film seeks to capture the essence of the NYC avant-garde scene; the brash, dissonant environment that the city provides its creatives and the way they in-turn reflect its nature, sonically.

It features impressive list of avant-garde musicians, artists and composers, including Glenn Branca, Lydia Lunch, John Cale, Kramer, Christian Marclay, Lenny Kaye, all of whom were heavily involved in the creative microcosm that was New York City during 1980s.

Of course, there’s also heaps of footage of John Zorn and the members Sonic Youth (who had just released Daydream Nation), including lengthy interviews, and rare performances from both artists.

Check it out below.

[via Dangerous Minds]