Queensland lockout laws voted to become even stricter

There has been some bad news for Queenslanders today as their lockout laws have become stricter.


The newly implemented legislation will see a staggered approach take effect. Drinks will not be served after 2am across the state, while venues in designated areas will be given permission to serve drinks until 3am. The 1am lockouts will then be introduced in February next year.

The new laws come after Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath and Anthony Lynham, who joined the Labor Party as a result of its pro-lockout views, settled the above deal with Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk.

Premier Palaszczuk explained the reasoning behind the legislation change, saying “These are important issues for Queenslanders. We are committed to curbing alcohol-fuelled violence, but we are also committed to increasing employment and devoting more resources to mental health.”

Nick Braban of Our Nightlife QLD has spoken out against the new lockout laws, saying “The industry was ready and willing to accept reduced trading hours, but the lockout itself is a bad policy.”

“Jobs are going to be lost, businesses will close, musicians will struggle for gigs, youth employment will skyrocket.”