NOPE: some guy let a huntsman spider live in his home for a year and it grew to the size of his face

Yeah, nah. Some insane guy let a huntsman spider live with him in his home for a year and the increase in size is something disturbing.

In news I really wish I didn’t have to write about, a Queensland man decided to let a huntsman spider live in his home for a year, allowing the hairy girl grow to a horrifying size and just go about her day to day business.

Taking to Facebook, Jake Gray, who decided to let this thing exist in his home, posted a photo of the spider taking up a good solid portion of the wall, saying “check out this big girl.” 

Photo: Jake Gray Facebook

He first saw the huntsman in his Cairns home around 12 months ago, and in that time he has watched the nightmarish creature grow to the size of a dinner plate. The thing is so big that it should probably pay rent due to the fact it needs its own room.

Thankfully, social media users did not share Jake’s same level of insanity, with one user, Alex, claiming “that’s the spiders’ house now,” and another, Natalia, saying: “I’m so glad you’re in Queensland.”

Despite their large size and frightening appearance, huntsmans are not considered dangerous – even though they carry venom in their fangs, they are more likely to run away than attack you.

Granted, this still doesn’t sway the general consensus, with another user replying to the photo: “Huntsmans are friendly little homies but I don’t think I could sleep in the same house as that guy.”

We’re quite glad that the borders to Queensland have now reopened, but when it comes to this, it would be great to shut them again, wouldn’t it?

In other Queensland-related news, a teenager has just been arrested for being a public nuisance after a late-night twerking spree at Dalby Macca’s. Keep it up, Queensland.