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Heritage Audio unveils BritStrip: a Neve-inspired powerhouse

Heritage Audio packs a 1073-style mic pre with discrete DI, a 1073 EQ, and a diode-bridge compressor into their versatile 1U BritStrip.

The Neve 1073, with its high-quality components and legendary EQ circuit, is the ‘undisputed champ of the preamp‘. Heritage Audio has taken on the challenge of emulating this heavyweight, in their feature-packed BritStrip.

The BritStrip includes the 1073 mic preamp as well as an expanded 73 equaliser, a discrete Class-A DI, and the diode bridge compressor from their Successor unit.

Heritage Audio BritStrip

Heritage Audio says the BritStrip “nails the sound of yesterday’s iconic recordings for today’s demanding engineers“. The preamp section features 80db of input gain and a 300/1200 Ohm impedance switch, while the DI input includes an all-discrete Class-A JFET circuit fitted with a passive THRU output for amplifiers. The custom Carnhill based transformers also definitely lend an unmistakable character to any signal that passes through it.

The EQ section of the BritStrip features 3 Vinkor pot core inductors in the mid-band and high pass filter sections, as well as an inductor-based low-pass filter, which is directly taken from the 73 design.

Moving on to the compressor, Heritage Audio take the circuit from their multi-award nominated Successor. The Diode bridge bus compressor features fast attack/release times, a blend control,  and a comprehensive sidechain filter.

You can read more about the BritStrip on Heritage Audio’s website.