R. Kelly’s fiancé claims she is pregnant with his child

R. Kelly’s fiancé, Joycelyn Savage says she is pregnant with the incarcerated singer-songwriter’s child: “I’m very excited.”

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, R. Kelly’s fiancé, Joycelyn Savage declared that she is five months pregnant with the incarcerated 55-year-old rapper’s baby girl.

This news arrives a mere two months following the release of a letter stating the pair are engaged. This declaration was filed by R. Kelly’s legal team on June 13, two weeks prior to his 30-year sex trafficking sentence. In the letter, Joycelyn refers to herself as “Robert Kelly’s fiancé.”

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Credit: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

On the alleged pregnancy, Joycelyn Savage tells Entertainment Tonight, “I’m very excited. His lawyer didn’t know that prior to him going to jail, Robert and I were doing IVF because at the time I was told I couldn’t have a baby.”

Sharing the sonogram image below, she continues, “when he got sent to prison, we paused on it and I had them freeze my eggs until I was ready. Once his lawyer did find out, she wanted me to have an abortion because she didn’t feel that now was the time for me to have a child following the 30-year sentence.”

Credit: Joycelyn Savage via ET

Savage adds, “me and Robert wanted to have a child for a long time. He is very happy about it, his lawyer isn’t. Once I told her I was keeping my baby, she didn’t want me to announce but I wanted to share the news. I’ve always been there for him even before this new lawyer came into the picture.”

R. Kelly’s legal team has been reached out to by media outlets for comment. They have rejected Joycelyn’s pregnancy claim.