Raw and compelling, Next To You from Dannika will give you the winter chills

Melbourne based artist Dannika’s latest release Next To You from her upcoming Peaches EP embodies a lo-fi core and all of the tangible sentimentality that comes with it. With the help of fellow lo-fi’ers Good Morning, Next To You is a play on what can be one of life’s most personal and impersonal experiences in waking up next to someone. Exploring what it is to want, to want to know and be known in return.


Dannika brings her debut single Next To You into the world. A personal and abstract exploration through wanting, to be known and known in return.

The flanging guitar perfectly accompanies Dannika’s delicate vocals in a really palpable example of lo-fi mixing. At first jarring, the drums that come in half way through only add to the astute mixing, giving this seemingly imperfect expression of vulnerability, a strange sense of a work that is fully complete.

The title Next To You is fittingly ambiguous for the tracks lyrical content. What could initially be masked as an intimate reflection of waking next to someone special slowly becomes more an internal reflection of an inexplicable pining for someone external to the literal and metaphorical reality. Perfectly accompanied by the melancholic guitar, we begin to realise that the author is looking for a moment to share instead of sharing in a moment, encapsulated in the line “lets get lost in the sheets, in your playground of dreams.”

The lyrics are simple, but their resonance, after listening to the track a few times, which it undeniably will lure you into doing, is undeniable. It’s a tangible sentimentality that is hard to shake. A track that weaves, lilts and flits through your ears, part sound, part idea, part longing. Dannika in this track displays a vulnerability that is raw and open, singing from a place that is on a slower track that the break neck speed of social media and the pace it has set for relationships.
Dannika’s Next To You is a track that really swims in your skin. Get ready to be immersed where your heart and mind will be thinking a plenty.