Self-depreciation never sounded as good as it does with PLEBS

Self-loathing and boredom prove cathartic experiences through the lo-fi garage veil of Melbourne punks PLEBS

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It’s a widely regarded aphorism that music in its many forms can initiate camaraderie and togetherness from the most unlikely corners of lyrical angst, self-loathing and introversion. Often those who choose to be the orators of said lifelong struggles become the voice of many in their shoes, finding in the process that they are not alone.

PLEBS adelaide

Angst has always fueled music like no other source, and the sonic output of Plebs is no exception. Seeping with self-loathing, pop hooks and punk virility they are one bristling bunch.

Melbourne based punk noise-makers PLEBS are one such outfit; generational heroes of the stoned uphill battle that is youth, ferocious in their expression and tireless in their onslaught. The band was founded by Sam Jemsek (vocals/guitar) and friend Will Stanforth (bass). A number of pre-evolutions stemming from humble, country band beginnings in Adelaide led them to move to Melbourne in search of something a little noisier, perhaps in the vein of other ear-splitting Melbournians Drunk Mums and Dumb Punts.

After finally recruiting Sam Walsh and James Roberts (guitar and drums, respectively), PLEBS proceeded to create music, the sound of which can only be described as an exorcism of raw truth; a barrage of visceral guitars and throat tearing vocals that one can’t help but be somewhat moved by in having been what many of us invariably are at one stage or another: angry, awkward, apathetic and all the related A-words that come with youth.

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In their recent single release entitled Adelaide – also featuring violent B-side The Door – the group deliver this in spades. Adelaide is reminiscent of punk heroes of old like Sex Pistols and The Ramones in it’s jangly yet tantalisingly crunchy power chords and vocal drawl that’s both lethargic and cathartic in delivery; raw in it’s honesty and conviction. Despite obvious UK and US punk influence, Plebs inject copious amounts of Aussie charm like mainlining a speedball of concentrated Tooheys and blended 24 packs of Coles brand snags straight into the vein that runs through your southern cross tattoo – okay, it’s not that Aussie but you get the point. Think Eddy Current Supression Ring or Circle Pit and you’ll begin to see what i’m talking about.

PLEBS seem to just be getting started, but with their new release they have cemented themselves as ones to watch and if Adelaide is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat on releases to come. For a little peek into their raucous lives, head down to their Adelaide single launch on the 17th of December at Public Bar.

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