Cats, rollerblades, Karl Stefanoic and dreamy guitar pop, Morning TV have all the ingredients for the perfect summer breakfast

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Now that our addiction to internet dating dictates we spend even the greatest of gigs huddled over our phones swiping left or right, bios have really upped their game. And even before you’ve let Morning TV lull you into translucent, sundrenched bliss, there’s the foursome’s pretty spectacular Facebook bio, which reads: “Cats, roller blades, karl stefanoic,” combining a holy trinity that should prove more than enough to convince you to put your phone down and pay attention.

Morning TV single

You can never say no to some sunny guitar pop, and although Sydney’s Morning TV are about as fresh as a band can be, they’ve already shown they’ve got some serious chops with their shining debut Golden.

Morning TV hail from New South Wales – Sydney and its surrounding sprawl. Vocalist and guitarist Brit and guitarist Tim met the old fashioned way a few years ago-  at a house party – and would occasionally bat around the idea of forming a band. Although the pair tried to jam together a number of times, nothing was really cemented until more recently when, through the addition of bassist Ana and drummer Cam, the dynamics just slotted into place. The band’s name comes from a mutual love and allure of their favourite single suit-wearing television presenter, whom they deem a “total space cadet.”

“We love The Spice Girls,” Morning TV jest, “But mostly, just forming our own stuff is what we’re about.’” Those in search of zig-a-zig-ah should maybe look away at this point: their debut single, Golden, is one of the first songs the quartet wrote and, as the name may suggest, is all beatific vibes, warm and luminous melodies – the moment the sun peaks its head up and you realise you’re still dancing out on the beach, all at once too euphoric and buzzed out on life to sleep.

Brit’s ethereal, dream pop vocals hold some great moments of poignancy in there, like: “I’ve been thinking ’bout the girl I wanna be / Don’t wanna spend my life trying to be free,” and are ushered along by jangly, upbeat guitar beats. “It’s about the different stages you go through in just finding your way, but it’s not super serious,” Brit explains, adding, “The second verse is more about nature and how it is always there and always beautiful, regardless of where you’re at.”

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Morning TV’s minimalist internet presence means you’ll have to actively seek out gigs if you’re after more tracks (which is never a bad thing), but take a scroll through their Facebook feed, and you’ll be rewarded with a little teaser in the form of a 51 second video – a song the band recorded and cut up a bit. “We weren’t sure if we were going to use it,” Brit explains, “So it made a good little taster.” Presented nameless, the excerpt rolls in heavier on the guitar than Golden, with a mind-bending, buzzy riff that slides back and forth. The video features pulsating waves and fluffy cumuli crawling across a blue sky, interposed over clips of animals. In its complete form, the track – Bleached – is, according to Brit, “Super drowsy and laid back.”

As for what’s up next, the band has a couple of shows coming up throughout December, with plans to keep on writing and releasing ‘a few more’ songs. Watch this Karl Stefanovic-inspired space.

Morning TV will play:
3 December – The Marlborough Hotel, Sydney
18 December – The World Bar, Sydney
21 December – Newtown Social Club, Sydney