Read Nick Cave’s thought-provoking response to a homophobic fan question

Nick Cave has shut down a homophobic fan’s comment during a recent Q&A on his forum, The Red Hand Files.

The question was posed by man from Alabama named George; “Do you ever get tired of all the pretentious fat lesbians who enjoy your music? Personally I enjoy a lot of your music, but I find most of your fans insufferable. I’m just wondering if you’re on the same page.”

Nick Cave has shut down a homophobic fan during a recent Q&A on his blog, The Red Hand Files, with an unsurprisingly profound response.

Cave responded in a profound and thoughtful way, calling out the American while also bringing up the complexities of free speech. The lengthy response began with, “Jesus said on the cross, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” George, I think Jesus may have been talking directly to you.

He continues, “Some weeks ago, I answered a question at one of my “In Conversation” events. I was defending people’s right to say what they wanted. I was defending people’s right to offend.”

The six paragraphs then get deeply philosophical, “The concept has been polarised by some and now a free speech advocate is often seen – I feel somewhat bizarrely – to be aligned to the far-right. However, I do believe that, even though we should have the right to say what we like, there are consequences to what we say and just because we can speak freely, it does not – and should not – inoculate us against these consequences.”

Cave then gets to the point,“I think that probably ninety-nine percent of the people who read your question will think that you are being, well, a bit of an asshole. I could be wrong. It could be more... I feel that there are psychic pathways that exist between us all, and that the negativity we create eventually finds its way back to us.

“There is always room to evolve, to become better at being human, and to advance the common cause of humanity and civility – this applies not just to you, George, but to me too and, indeed, to all of us.”

Safe to say Nick Cave won’t take any of your homophobic shit but he will use his powers of class and philosophy to make you reconsider your actions.

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