Ready to feel the love? Bortier Okoe is prepped to bring unity, courage and hope along to his Aussie tour

Bortier Okoe is an esteemed multi-instrumentalist, dancer and master drummer from Africa, having moved to Australia in 2009 with the aim to bring the music of his people to our country.

Since then he’s brought his electrifying live show around the country several times, but the next performance on the cards will be Blenheim Festival in Clare Valley, South Australia. Before he hits the road, we pulled up a chair for the inspirational musician.

bortier okoe blenheim festival

Before bringing the love to Blenheim Festival, Bortier Okoe shares the reasons why he is motivated to spread his music beyond endless borders.

HAPPY: Your song World Matters, what message are you trying to send?

BORTIER: Dzeng Sane means World Matters and it expresses different elements related to issues in the world, especially culture and how important our cultures are in life – I also talk about materialism and the negative effects it can have. All around the world people are killing just because of money – why is life all about money and material things? At same time I’m talking about freedom for everyone in the world, and the universal love that we need between all people.

HAPPY: What statement would you want to make Australians by performing here?

BORTIER: As a musician it’s my responsibility to bring a better world into our society through my music, and you are the voice of that community. It means I have to travel all around the world preaching universal love, hope, happiness, peace, unity, courage in life, keeping our culture alive and not to be selfish in our society. Sharing joy, happiness, culture and my messages through music is the best thing, man.

HAPPY: We don’t see enough African music in Australia! What do you like most about bringing your style to our shores?

BORTIER: Bringing my music into Australia is like bringing Africa to the door step and it’s my way of connecting, contributing, sharing, spreading love, unity, bringing understanding, happiness and hope to the world. As far as African music is concerned we just need more people to support world music in Australia. Importantly it’s a way for Australians to connect and understand other cultures. Music is a universal language. Man, African music is for everyone so let’s enjoy and embrace this together just like rock n roll or any other genre.

HAPPY: You’re playing the Thursday night at Blenheim Festival this year. Are you looking forward to the event?

BORTIER: I’m looking forward sharing my music, love, and culture with everyone.

HAPPY: What can we expect from your performance?

BORTIER: Expect a high energy performance and a big celebration on the day, and please take my messages into consideration.

HAPPY: Will a full band be accompanying you onstage?

BORTIER: Yes, I will be performing with my band.

HAPPY: Are there any other acts you’re really looking forward to seeing?

BORTIER: I’m looking forward enjoying most acts and the whole Blenheim Festival.

HAPPY: And what are your plans for the rest of the year?

BORTIER: Plans for the year… I’m going to Africa to tour and launch my new coming album Freedom Time and then coming back to Australia to tour and launch as well. Originally I was going to tour this album in Canada and America as well, but let’s see what future brings. I will be on the road this April on a mini tour from Adelaide to Canberra, Wollongong, Sydney, and finishing in Melbourne.


Blenheim Festival takes place on the 13th and 14th of April. Grab your tickets here.