Real life Mario Kart Appears on Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge

A new trend is taking hold in the home of Nintendo. Drivers are getting kitted out in Mario costume and cruising the streets of Tokyo – Mario Kart style. And it’s causing problems for the police.

Ever fantasised about joining your own Mario Kart game? Well yeah, that’s a thing. Someone has been filmed in their own race over a Tokyo bridge.

There is a legally permitted version of the experience, but even that come with disruptions, with dozens of accidents caused on the streets of the capital.

Even Nintendo, the creators of Mario Kart, have gotten involved. They successfully sued hire company, MariCar, citing copyright infringements (costumes) and damages due to the dangerous incidents that were happening.

In the most recent sighting, someone was filmed driving over the Rainbow Bridge – which forms part of an expressway: definitely off limits for the karts.