Reason+: the first production subscription service with weekly updates

Reason+ sees one of the most interesting Audio Tools enter a subscription model, with planned updates on the horizon.

Reason 11 is one of the most versatile music production tools currently available, and the recent launch of Reason+ sees its versatility extend to its price. Reason+ is the company’s venture into the world of subscription-based payment, providing its incredibly innovative toolkit at a competitive price of ~31 AUD per/month.

Reason is an all-in-one modular-rack inspired audio powerhouse, providing a great amount of interactivity for any burgeoning artist or sound designer. Whether it be its bank of over 70 plugin instruments effects and samplers, or the way they all interact with each other to produce new sounds and textures, the possibilities within the DAW is endless, and very exciting.


Where other monthly payment services like Splice’s Rent to Own plugin program, and Pro Tools‘ subscription service have allowed artists access to otherwise unapproachable pieces of software, Reason+ has a major draw over its competition in the form of its new weekly sound pack service.

Not only does a subscription afford you the dual plugin/DAW itself, but also a weekly drop of instruments and effects to experiment with. The Sound Packs are installed from the companion app directly into the program, and allows artists to experiment with new sounds and textures.
This keeps the experience fresh, and provides a constant stream of inspiration to its subscribers.

The new Reason+ Sound Packs are also available to current Reason users, at 50% off, and on top of this, a 30-day free trial is now available for the new subscription service, which is as good an excuse as ever to try out this innovative and inspiring piece of software.

For more info, head over to the Reason website.