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Reason Studios Friktion: the string section comes to the Reason Rack

The Friktion Modeled Strings synthesizer offers complete control over a variety of realistic string sounds – no samples required.

Reason Studios has launched Friktion: a string modelling synthesizer available for the Reason Rack. The new synthesizer aims to go beyond samples and synthetically replicates real string instruments.

This Rack Extension is based on physical modelling, using a computer model of how strings work to generate the sound. There are models for the material, tension, dampening, friction, stress and the body that reflects the sound.

Friktion Modeled Strings

Friktion allows full control over these details, offering an intuitive and clear interface to tweak whatever you want. Articulations such as bowing, pluck, tremolo, legato, and vibrato can be controlled via a MIDI keyboard, letting you change articulations on the fly. You can design how responsive the instrument is, how many people are playing and even the space your sound source is being recorded in.

Friktion offers the possibility of obtaining richly recorded string sounds. You can tweak finger position, angle, noise and even collisions with other strings to get bowed sounds just right, or even go beyond and create something a real instrument wouldn’t be capable of doing. It included with the synth is 140+ patches, from classic instruments to brand new sounds.

Friktion is available as a Rack Extension for Reason Studio exclusively. Read more about Friktion Modeled Strings over at the Reason Studios website.